Mann Library Gallery Installation, September 2007

Visualizing Meaning: Copying the Masters was commissioned by Mann Library for the inaugural show of the Bissel Gallery. Important or meaningful visual representations of data selected by Cornell Faculty are incorporated into household items such as blankets and rocking chairs. These illustrated reproducible facts from peer-reviewed and popular culture are messages that evolve theories between scholars as they grapple with how to measurably articulate the observable world. This installation seeks to continue the reflective equilibrium between the experienced world and the translated world of scientific communication. By changing the context of the theoretical framework of academic discourse, this installation hopes to both subsume the viewer into the data as well as engage more senses in comprehending the data. While graphing is a way of capturing reality in a concentrated form, this projects aims to reverse the process so the import of the graphical abstraction embeds the viewer with a sense of the concrete, yet often ungraspable dimensions of life on earth. By mixing the perceptual field of art and the conceptual field of science the relationship between the lived experience and a charted function is placed in a dialogue, humorously.

For documentation of the project, visit here.

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