Jeni Wightman

With 100 billion neurons, I am an ion-transport troubadour.

I am part scientist. I studied endocytosis in chinese ovary hamster cells at Carnegie Mellon, tail absorption in developing sea squirts at UC Davis, did integrated pest management field work using pheromones in pear orchards at UC Berkeley, researched retinoic acid impacts on HL-60 leukemia cells at Cornell University and then worked on bioenergy and greenhouse gas inventory in agriculture in NY State also at Cornell University. Now I am a consultant for bioenergy and carbon trading.

I am part artist. Winogradsky Rothko in 2004 combined 19th c soil microbiologist with 20th c colorfield painter for an evolving colorfield of living pigments. Surd in 2002 was an installation of the ecological footprint of one Cornell student’s paper consumption. The Fascist Fashion Show toured the Northeast in 2003. And other conceptual art puns such as Nickle and Dime 2004 which used foreign currency flattened by the electric plant coal trains to make fishing lures.

This project is born from a life of looking at and creating visual representations of data - creating abstractions of the world in order to comprehend the world we see. The addiction of trying to understand is a tough addiction to kick.

I am simply fond of how we see, and how we interpret what we see, and how we explain what we see, and how what we explain is then interpreted by those with whom we share the ideas. Tell me, what do you think I just said? Magritte is the ultimate in this game; Borges gets it too. What is this thing we all try to capture? And isn’t it damn beautiful and elusive and beautiful, always at the edge but never there? Neurons are currency exchange masters and they’re hungry for all kinds of information.

It is my pleasure and my honor to be receiving these packages of ideas.
Thank you.