A morning-glory-merci-beaucoup to the Cornell Council for the Arts for a grant that set this project financially in motion. Many thanks to NY Foundation for the Arts for a small grant. Thanks to both the MacDowell colony and NKD-Norway for artist residencies to start a series of paintings that will feature in the Fall 2007 show at Mann Library.

A resounding HURRAH to all the folks at Mann Library who have helped in so many ways, in particular, Janet McCue, Kathy Chiang, Howard Raskin, Eveline Ferretti, and Nick Cappadona.

A conspiratorial wink to the Department of Crop and Soil Science for initial co-sponsorship.

A thank-you-sooo-much to the Departments of Plant Pathology! Plant Breeding, Natural Resources, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Food Science, and Neurobiology and Behavior, Horticultural Science (Ithaca and Geneva), Developmental Sociology, for co-sponsorship of the summer 2006 installation.

A good cheer to Susan McCouch and her zest for the Courtyard Cafe.

Indebted thanks to Rachel, Carrie, Andrea and Meg for helping over the eight days it took to fold, sticker and stuff 2,000 envelopes. Indeed, I now am beginning to understand my complete inability to understand the exponential function.

Thanks to Diane, Millie, Charlie and mail services for helping me thru a logistical nightmare.

Thanks also to all the kind individuals who helped form the letter of inquiry…

And of course, I’m completely delighted with all the responses!

Good Cheer-