Graphic Language Workshop

Poetry Workshop

Jeni Wightman will share a selection of scientific graphs and encourage participants to write short poems articulating how their 5 senses interpret the scientific information. Participants will be asked to cross fertilize their personal experience of the world with a scientific graph of their choice and anneal the intimate with the empirical through poetry. This project asks participants to run the edge of visual abstraction and metaphorical language to arrive at a new generation of meaning making.

If you are interested in having a workshop in your community, please contact Jeni, jw93 at cornell dot edu.

Scientific graphics are gorgeous when you begin to explore the visual signifiers with the conceptual underpinnings. This workshop asks thinkers, students, poets, scientists and others to engage the visual culture of scientific graphics and draw out the language of comprehension ‚?? the reflexive interplay between universal information and individual experience. While graphing is a way of capturing reality in a concentrated form, I am interested in how that abstraction embeds the viewer with a sense of the concrete, yet often ungraspable dimensions of life on earth. Fundamentally, I hope a viewer‚??s subjectivity gives way to the immensity of the world and they can engage their visceral experience with this empirical information to expand contemporary knowledge. I will ask the participants to engage in a reflective equilibrium ‚?? to swing on a pendulum between scientific information and their subjective experience and leave a trace of this internal negotiation in words.