1106 Poppy McLeod


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  1. Bill Woodson Says:

    Hey Poppy!

    What I have to say seems obvious — but maybe that’s the point! Picasso is taking us on a journey from realistic reproduction to abstract representation. It is interesting to observe along the way what gets left out (skin texture, detail), what gets enlarged (horns, genitals) and what forms are used to substitute for and represent the “original” (which of course is in itself a representation). In fact, it’s interesting that until I made that statement, I failed to recognize that I assumed (maybe because of the left to right/top-bottom convention) that the representative bull came first, and the abstract stick figure last. In fact it would be typical that one start with less detailed outline, and work towards a more detailed representation. I also wonder what it is about the subject that drew Picasso to use it as the focus of this study.

    Hey the web site won’t be up for another couple of weeks…I’d appreciate your feedback when it’s up…maybe when I see you in Ann Arbor??!!?