1980 Lou Albright


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  1. James C Field Says:

    This Napoleonic retreat example is one of my favourites. I recall it from the frequently referenced book on the representation of information mentioned previously. I encountered that book when I was processing my dead brother’s effects. He had offered to review it but never got the opportunity.

    I read it and passed it on to a PhD student at Aberystwyth. I think she liket it.

    Although I am only partially through a sequential review of your wonderful collection, I wonder at the (so far) absence of the pioneering work by Florence Nightingale (the famed Crimean War nurse) and her graphs and charts describing in exquisite precision and with compelling persuasion the inadequate medical provision for wounded British troops.

    It was not just her compassion but, rather, her effective exposition of the systemic failures that she should be remembered.